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The PROFI project 


Perceptually-relevant Retrieval of Figurative Images

In this collaborative project we aim to invent and develop new techniques for the retrieval of figurative images (such as clip art, logos, signs) from large databases. Our techniques will be based on the extraction and matching of perceptually relevant shape features, thereby overcoming many of the limitations of existing methods. This project will develop new algorithms and systems for:

  • Perceptual segmentation of raw images, and grouping of shape elements. (Responsible partner: University of York.)
  • Matching of geometrical patterns representing shape features. (Responsible partner: Free University Berlin.)
  • Indexing shape features in huge databases of figurative images. (Responsible partner: Utrecht University.)
  • Indexing the relative spatial layout of shape features within these images. (Responsible partner: Utrecht University.)
  • Experimentally verification in a prototype system, and performing rigorous evaluations on databases with an independently validated ground truth. (Responsible partner: Aktor Knowledge Technology.)
The Profi project is funded by the European Commission FP6 research program, meeting the objectives of the Future and Emerging Technologies programme:
  • The proposed research is inherently innovative, high-risk and long-term.
  • It is embryonic research, showing proof-of concept.
  • It holds out the promise of major advances at a foundational level.
For more information see the project description [html] [pdf] or contact the coordinator: Remco Veltkamp, Utrecht Universtiy